Décor and Furnishings


<b>John Monteith</b> <h5> Based on recent drawings from his “Resonances” series, these rugs were created in response to the architecture of various relational sites of social exchange that make up the urban environment. Skyscrapers and skylines, towers and buildings, zones, paths, and parks, inform and are recast in a series of overlapping, repeating, reformulated geometries, systems of exchange articulated through the reverberation of form.</h5> <b>Jimenez Lai</b> <h5> His studio Bureau Spectacular imagines other worlds and engages the design of architecture through telling stories. Beautiful stories about character development, relationships, curiosities and attitudes; absurd stories about fake realities that invite enticing possibilities. The stories conflate design, representation, theory, criticism, history and taste into cartoon pages. These cartoon narratives swerve into the physical world through architectural installations, models and small buildings. </h5>

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