Interior Design


<i>"Dialogue between man and nature. ‘The Landscape ’, in harmony with nature and exciting shape of the architecture conveys inner balance and generosity. It becomes more than just a sales center."</i> - <b>IFG</b>


<i>"Small, but very fine. CIFI showflat impresses on the one hand with modern colors, shapes, materials and smart appliances, on the other hand, it conveys the feeling of spacious comfort on an area of less than 150 square meters."</i> - <b>IFG</b>


<i>"Formerly an internet arcade, we wrapped a white polycarbonate lightbox over a stripped concrete façade and built a new triple height lobby with a cascading ceiling of LED pixels for the offices within."</i> - <b>Andrei Zerebecky</b>


<i>"Light, material, form and function. This project afforded us the opportunity to explore what it means for a place to exude an uplifting quietness — complementing our client’s world-class R&D and production of scintillation crystals.</i> - <b>Kirk Mazzeo</b>


<i>"Under a grand vaulted ceiling, the 3 floors of this villa were connected by a new sculptural stair of slumped glass with a gradient frit, creating a poetically cloudy effect."</i> - <b>Andrei Zerebecky</b>


<i>『自然與室內如影隨形,忽左忽右、忽前忽後,隨著自然的氣息,空間有了顏色、情緒與個性,述說她自己的生命故事。』</i> - <b>建築師:陳天助</b>


<i>"We dipped the bottom half of this former warehouse space in white to create an uninterrupted canvas for the display of modern art while leaving the existing wooden ceilings unfinished for the gallerist’s residential loft above."</i> - <b>Andrei Zerebecky</b>


<i>『此案由金石與荷蘭 Claus En Kaan 建築師事務所,基於同一個概念各設計一棟,而彼此間能產生對話,並企求將建築的紀念性帶入設計。由此所發展之立面概念為:1. 圖像與背景:可以是互補,也可以是互換的;如白天使和黑魔鬼,決定於觀看者的選擇。2. 圖像等於符號:如表現實用藝術極致境界的遠古青銅器皿上的圖騰。 細部設計由金石建築師執行,並選擇了米色的石材及深色的石材及面磚,創造出「圖像與背景」的對比,在都市紋理中創造了強烈的雕塑感,跳脫出以樓層為單位尺度的一般性建築,而創造出紀念性的尺度。而較為對稱的青銅主題與較為流動的壁畫主題,也在都市環境中創造了更為生動的表情。 公共空間的設計亦由金石建築師執行,東方與西方,古典與現代的主題,一般與超凡的尺度,也在以純粹的材質感與裝飾性做了整合與呈現。』</i> - <b>建築師:金光裕 石靜慧</b>


<i>"To design a home for someone is a deeply personal act. For a temporary period of time, the architect and the client must dwell together. We transformed this dark and compartmentalized apartment into a warm, sun-splashed garden house. Natural light washes over the entirety of the home, acting as a uniting element from the garden balcony at one end, to the glass-enclosed master bedroom at the other."</i> - <b>Kirk Mazzeo</b>


<i>"On a street cluttered with commercial signage competing for attention, we employed a white material palette to stand out with a contrarian, monochromatic architectural gesture."</i> - <b>Andrei Zerebecky</b>

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